About Me

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Hi! My name is Ramina Zimuldinova, and I’m an English and Russian speaking stylist, personal shopper and image consultant currently based and working in London. I also provide my service in other cities such Paris, Milan, Moscow, etc.

How did I become a personal stylist?

Well, it began in 2008-2009 when I took a nine months styling course at the best styling school in St Petersburg for that moment and received the diploma “Stylist & Image Maker”.

Willing to get more practice I proceeded further as a personal assistant for the largest department store in St Petersburg.

In 2011 I started working with my own clients as a freelance personal stylist and shopper. At the same time in summer 2011 I first time tried myself in fashion industry when I styled my friend Natali Leskova’s designer collection lookbook. Getting a lot of joy and happiness from my fashion styling work I was mainly focusing on fashion career and worked a lot for fashion projects. However I have never stopped to help people with the image transformation and personal shopping accompaniment, I really loved that part of my work as well.

After moving to London in 2014 I kept on with my fashion styling career, but after one year of living here lots of changes happened to me – I stopped to support the idea of buying a lot of unnecessary things and following trends. I finally realised how harmful the fashion industry can be for our planet and people.

Since 2015 I prefer to help my clients to find their own personal style and to build their wardrobes consciously and slowly instead of buying new “trendy” clothes every season.

The main focus of my work with clients is on high quality, sophisticated style and absolute comfort in their new outfits.

I love to work with different styles, but you’ll notice a bit of minimalism touch will be in all my works whether it is a bohemian style or modern city chic.

You can order different services via my shop or just email me.

Here the services I offer to my clients:

• Personal shopping support;

• Wardrobe analysing and creating new outfits from your own clothes;

• Style guides (online / offline);

• Stylist for your photoshoot: creating concept, bringing clothes, additional help with finding the location and the team.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to respond you! xx