Style Guide

Style Guide


Style Guide is suitable if you are sure you will be able to manage your new wardrobe on your own after getting knowledge from me. This is more theoretical thing than practice.

How is it working?

My service begins with a conversation with you (Phone / Skype) — that is how I will understand what you exactly want to get from this service.

Following our conversation, I will send you a form to fill in it. Once I receive your answers I will analyse them and understand what kind of work it should be.

After this analysis I will create a style guidance for you – usually this work takes 5-7 days, and it has a presentation form.

When the style guidance for you is ready I will ask you to transfer the payment to my bank account. After receiving the payment I will send you the presentation.

You will need to read everything carefully, write down the questions you have for me.

Then we will meet again (either live or on Skype), and I will answer all your questions.

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