Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

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Personal Shopping is the service that immediately can give you a visible result.

How is it working?

My service begins with a conversation with you (Phone / Skype) — that is how I will exactly understand what you want to get from this service.

Following our conversation, I will send you a form to fill in it. Once I receive your answers I will analyse them and understand what kind of work it should be.

After the analysis I will offer you 2 or 3 different styles I found you really like. However you will need to choose only one style that looks more comfortable and congenial to you. Additionally I will ask you the maximum budget you have for your new wardrobe, and then I will select a few stores which have clothes suitable for the style your preferred and the budget you have got.

I always do pre-shopping for my clients one day before our meeting — do not worry you do not to pay for this. I do pre-shopping only because I want to save some time for my client on the shopping day to make the process more satisfying.

On the appointed day we will go to the stores which I chose before for you.

We will try on all selected items and buy the pieces that are 100% fit you and look great on you.

Important notice: Shopping time depends on the amount of clothes you want to buy and the complexity of your body shape. On average, it is about 3-5 hours for a men’s wardrobe and 5-7 hours for a women’s wardrobe.

I also can break shopping process for two days if you prefer that.

(£85 / HOUR, Minimum 2 Hours)

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